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Average Daily Trading Volume ADTV: Definition, How To Use It

Investor’s Business Daily says that thinly traded stocks, or those with a lower volume, are higher-risk stocks for individual investors. IBD states that a stock with fewer than 400,000 trades per day (over 50 days) is thinly traded and a greater risk. The other thing to look for with average volume is whether the stock is liquid enough.

Traders benefit from a range of sophisticated risk management tools and the market’s time priority model, which encourages market makers to provide investors with the best possible price. NYSE offers a dual market structure that combines access to Arca and American Options through a single integrated technology platform. In other words, the larger the size of the trade relative to the ADV, the more difficult it will be to trade the position. This market impact will cause prices to go up (down) in the case of a purchase (sale). The Most Active pages uses the current session’s data, with the list of stocks being updated every 10 minutes throughout the trading day.

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Currently, the volume on the NYSE is at about 4.43 billion, according to Yahoo Finance. Since the is such a commonly used metric to determine whether a stock is a good investment, you should know how to find this information. Most investment and analyst websites make this data easily accessible. For an individual investor, a higher average volume in stocks is usually preferable to a lower average volume.

Average Daily Trading Volume

When researching stocks, investors can always locate common figures like the previous closing price, the day’s range, the 52-week range, the volume, and the average volume for an individual stock. For example, IBD’s average volume is located on the upper-right corner of many of its investor pages. Yahoo Finance’s summary of each stock includes the average volume among other metrics. The trade execution was based on the volume crossover on the ADTV as well as the fact that the trading amount of approximately $3.2 million was within the trading limits of the fund. This is because at Point 3, 28.59 million shares were traded, at an approximate value of $2.62 billion. Risk was also managed by using the trading limit along with the ADTV crossover, allowing the stock trader to easily exit the position.

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Trading volume is defined as the number of shares traded in a particular period of time. So, low trading volume can indicate a lack of interest in either buying or selling. That means it could be bullish if low volume occurs in a downtrend. Stocks with relatively low trading volumes attract higher bid and ask spreads, making it more difficult to enter or exit the stock at your desired price. In contrast, stocks with consistently high average trading volume offer tighter bid-ask spreads, making it easier for an investor to enter or exit trading positions at their desired price. The average daily trading volume on the NYSE usually ranges from 2 billion to 6 billion shares.

  • When the stock price is rising, you want increasing volume to signal that it will keep going.
  • A lower average daily volume means that a stock’s price is more likely to drop or increase due to a large trade from a mutual fund or larger investor.
  • Another measure that is used is the average daily value traded.
  • If you’re looking for news featuring the $4 stock with an average daily volume of 89,000 shares a day, chances are that you won’t find it in either the IBD Weekly newspaper or in key stock lists.
  • This could signal to the investor that the bullish uptrend in ABC stock is beginning to lose momentum and may soon end.
  • NYSE Pillar is the trading platform that will enable member firms to connect to all NYSE equities and options markets using a standard protocol.
  • Market average daily volume in H was 38.3M contracts, 1.1M contracts more than 2021, 10.7M contracts more than 2020 and over 20M contracts more than 2019.

The image shows the candlestick chart of GE from early June 2022 to the middle of March 2023. The ADTV is represented by the blue line across the volume section. Gordon Scott has been an active investor and technical analyst or 20+ years.

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The investor sees that share prices of company ABC are still in an uptrend and continues to hold on to the shares. This could signal to the investor that the bullish uptrend in ABC stock is beginning to lose momentum and may soon end. When a stock’s price is falling, you want its daily volume to be less than the average daily volume—to signal that the selling pressure is going down. When a stock price has consolidated and is not rising much, you want to see rising volume as the price starts to increase to signal more buyers entering the market. When the stock price is rising, you want increasing volume to signal that it will keep going. Multi-list options are breaking nearly all volume records once again in 2022, driven by market volatility and the growth of retail participation.

Average Daily Trading Volume

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