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How to Get onboard With a Board Portal

About Board Portal

The primary purpose of a board portal is to make information accessible anytime and at any time, and to ensure that directors can easily understand what they see. Find products that allow board members to complete their duties and participate in meetings from anywhere on devices connected to the internet. Take note of the devices used by your directors for their day-today activities, and consider how easy it is to set up using those devices.

It’s not enough to simply have the proper features. The user-friendliness will determine if the portal is actually used. Ask prospective providers how they handle onboarding for directors and board members with a one-on-one-training program that takes into account their comfort level with technology. Check if the provider offers an application that is able to be used without wifi to access materials for board members.

Having the right tools will help your board perform at its best and stay in charge of the organization, ensuring that governance best practices are upheld. Board portals are more efficient than paper and emails and can be relied upon as an all-in-one source of information. They are able to maintain and enhance the essential elements of good governance, such as scheduling meetings and attendance as well as making a single place to store documents and notes.